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hi like many setting we do forest school once a week but we call it woodland school as our wonderful woodland school volunteer isnt forest school trained but he is an expert in wildlife,bushcraft,nature etc so would not benefit from further training but what i would like to know is there any activities we shouldnt do because we havent got a forest school trained person. i have been told we shouldnt have a fire or use bushcraft tools i hope all that makes sense.

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Hi there, I recently did a L3 Forest school training course and it was great...part of the assessment is writing a pack which covers risk assessment in the setting- I wonder if the man you are using has shown you these? Having asked lots of questions on the course it seems there is no natiuonal agreement over what is acceptable. If you are a school the school and local authority may have issued edicts about who is allowed to do what. If you are using private forestry land the landowner can ask for certain qualifications of experince or ban some things eg. fires if they wish. In a private setting I would suggest being very cautious as oibviously you have to be able to say you have thought through all options on safety and you have to be able to explain any incident that may happen.


Good luck :o

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I'm pretty sure you're allowed to make a fire whether you have special training or not (subject to what Ellie says about private land etc). No idea about the tools, but I don't see why not. Some preschools have the children using hammers and saws etc and they don't need training for those!

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