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Hi I'm being observed soon on my RWI session in reception. Although I like the programme the chn are sitting too long I think.


By my obsv chn will know m.a.s.d.t and i.n.p.g.


Thought about intro letter O really quickly, then air write, then leave any writing until I send chn off into groups and I'll keep the more able.


Thought the less able could use play dough to make the letters

Another group could have magnetic letters and green word cards and have to make the green words using the letters and could try and make another word up

Another group could do another pre writing skill such as cutting out, or finger painting spirals or could match pictures to corrct initial sound with TA supporting it.


My group could then practice blending the green words and writing them on a white board.


ANy ideas welcome.



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Instead of giving the children the green word cards, could you give them pictures instead so then instead of just copying the letters they are practising their segmenting and identifying the letters for themselves.


Maybe the lower ability children could practise their oral blending and segmenting with the TA if they are not ready to do it to read / write / make CVC words yet.


I made up a game where I had simple picture shopping lists of different animals (like horse, rat, mouse, sheep, shark, duck, hen etc), 3 on each list. Then I put the animals in the centre of the circle and had my 'Fred' as the shopkeeper (with the TA helping him of course!). Then the children had to ask, in 'Fred Talk' for the animals on their shopping list in turn.


It depends on how flexible your school is with RML. My old school were not very flexible but my current one is very flexible and understands the importance of oral blending and segmenting.


Good luck!

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