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Ba (hons) Early Childhood Studies


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I am thinking of doing the BA HONS Early Childhood Studies course with London Met through distance learning. Has anyone else done it this way? Any info or advice would be helpful. I am also hoping to get accreditation for previous study. Also, would you say the course is valuable and worthwhile as I wll have to pay for it myself.


Thanks in Advance


Netta :o

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Hi Netta.


I did a BA in Early Childhood Studies at Northampton Uni, as a full time course.


I know others who have dont the course at different places. I found the course soooo valuable and would never have looked back. It has changed the way i work and influenced my practice in all areas, and i have found that it has become more valuable since i have been putting all of the knowledge into my practice etc. All of the lecturers i have come across have an extensive knowledge and extreme passion, which is contagious. They also talk very highly of their colleagues at other institutions.


Hope this helps.



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I am currently doing this course through London Met via distance learning and have just started my third year of study (2 modules into level 2).


The course has good and bad points. You have to very dedicatd to make sure you don't leave the work until the last minutes (I, of course, would never do such a thing! :o.


In the beginning we got a printed module booklet which was fab as it was easy to take anywhere to read, however, we now have to print the module booklets off which can be 200+ pages so have to go in a leaver arch file and therefore miss opprtunities for reading through it.


If you want more specific questions answering, please jsut ask! :)

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Thanks for the replies, they have been very helpful. I think I need to decide a plan of action and find out what (if any) acreditation I can get for previous study. Then look into the cost of the course and whether or not I can get funding from anywhere. London Met is looking like a preferred choice at the mo over OU. Why, I don't know! Lol. Thanks again for all your help and good luck with the courses.


Net :o

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