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England And Barbados


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Hi Everyone

I am in my second year of my foundation degree and on a module comparing another country against England. I thought it would be interesting to do Barbados as I have read certain things and am wondering why. One namely is the claimed literacy rate of 98%. I have a relative out there so am exploring information that way with questionaires and waiting to hear from the ministry of education there.



I have to choose 4 aspects for my research and one of these has to be on a poster comparing the two countries and the other three in an essay For my essay I am considering Parental Involvement, the Adult’s Role (teacher paid or voluntary) and Qualifications. For my poster the Curriculum or Child Protection. It depends what information I get and find really.


Any thoughts will be warmly welcomed especially books!


Just didn't want to do a particularly well known country like Sweden or New Zealand.


Many thanks :o

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