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Hello peeps,


We're having our Nursery roof replaced starting next week) - this is going to take about a month ... isn't going to be a problem as we have lots of outside space that won't be affected (we're very lucky, I know) Anyway ... obviously the children will be very interested in what's going on and so I want to have a range of activities, investigations etc up my sleeve that will enable us and them to work inside the Nursery acknowledging what is going on outside the Nursery!


My ideas so far are ...

3 Little pigs (and related activities) - exploring straw, sticks etc and their limitations for building ... puppet shows ... dramas etc

exploring triangles in paper and card and strenth testing activities (roofs for lego houses)

water play using guttering and down pipes (we have loads of offcut bits)

Testing stregth of diff kinds of walls using huge sponge lego

Role play builders and health and safety - high vis jackets / hard hats / stripy red tape etc fixing play houses

dolls house play, den play


Songs - tweenies, gonna build a house song

Build it up build it up build it higher

Peter hammers with one hammer





I have rejected 'this is the house that jack built' as being too long



I just want to make sure that there aren't obvious resources that I've missed so that when the children start talking about it tomorrow I am ready ... want to be one step ahead. As it's going on for such a long time I want to have a range so that play can go on and on with bits being added.


Any other great ideas that I can add to my list?


Thankyou muchly pw x


PS I have told Ofsted all about it!

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