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Just wondering if there's anyone who uses the high-scope curriculum and routine? Is it possible to learning about it and impliment it properly through the publications or is the training essential to make it work properly?

I have (loosely) based my routine on the high-scope and it works really wel. Has anyone done the training and ... how much does it cost?

Green Hippo x

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Hi Green Hippo

In an ideal world it would be best to undertake the High/Scope training as it really ensures you get the full impact and it is 9 months long once a month with tasks inbetween - however - training is expensive and not happening all over the country.


I no longer work in a school but my whole school had High/Scope training when I did and it was excellent. If you visit the High/Scope website here




you will see that there are settings and schools around the country that have been trained and you could see their practice.


By all means the books are great and if you have already seen a difference then keep at it.


The last time I saw a course the training was around £1000 - £1200 per person.


I know that Minica Wilshire is a High/Scope trainer and if you are interested she may be able to run a course if you can find about 9 - 11 other people to make it viable. You can contact Monica through Linkedin here




I think the High/Scope approach is excellent and it always worked really well for me and also fits in very well with the EYFS and good early years practice.



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Blimey there's a blast form the past :o ! I used to do High scope , must be about 13 years ago! in my first early years setting, a 3 class reception unit, it certainly worked well there, plan-do-review, shadow boards etc... (all coming back to me now)... - makes me ancient! But i do recall it being very good and effective and would certainly still fit in good early years practice. Good Luck in finding some training xxx

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