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Hi all, have been searching for a really nice, simple presentation for parents as an intro to phonics for an initial parents meeting. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Also what do you do/talk about for your first meeting?

Any ideas greatly received!

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Hi I am doing a phonics/reading meeting next week (I will only do one) and plan to put together a powerpoint but havn't got around to it yet but I was going to cover the following:


Intro-what is phonics, how many phonemes we use, background of phonics teaching as opposed to whole word approach


Letters and sounds-explain 6 phases across KS1 and how we set for phonics (we set from reception through to Y3 in small groups)


Pure sounds- importance of not shwering (don't know how that is spelt!) and I will go through and say each sound for them


What a lesson comprises, what strategies we use to teach blending/segmenting etc


What will come home for them to practice and our expectations


How home readers and guided reading fits in with phonics



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