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HI gang... This is my first class observation


I have got my first observation on Monday, I know that this is a little late to be asking but I have trawled through the forum for some ideas but I cannot see any that will help me.


I have to write down some key questions for me to use during plan do for my challenge child... know that my challenge child will spend time alone offers me the option to ask him if he could learn alongside another child.


what sorts of additional questions could i use. These are the ones i have penned already


what do you ned to carry out your challenge?

how could you change things to make it better?

if you are going to build ....... what equipment do you need... are you going to ask someone else to help you?

what skill are you going to use?

Do you think you could draw a plan of how your..... would look?

If you are going to play a.... game can you explain to .... and Mrs F what you need to do?



I feel like these are ok but any other offers would be gratefully received


Jo :o

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Hi, I hope I've read your post right, my understanding is that you're being observed supporting a child and you're concerned about you're used of questioning? In which case without knowing what your activity is what you've got is fine, you want lots of open ended questions so you're seeing into the child's way of thinking. Lots of why questions too... "Why do you need that?" "Why should we put that there?"


Hope I've understood your quest and my reply helps x

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