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Its just at uni we have been discussing the importance of free flow and not interupting the childrens play- which i whole heartedley agree with , although the 3+ year olds have asked for some time without the 2year olds- as they are distrupting their play. (Currently 2-5 yrs togethr)


The children arrive at 8am til 1 some stay til 6

The preschool leader wants to have a circle time to introduce the day, welcome share news etc - she has put it for 915 when all the children are normally in, then free flow til 11.30 within free flow an activity will start . Trouble is we land up stopping the children playing!


She also wants to do a physical activity, and a group time with the older children to cover letters and sounds etc.

She has tried just starting these during free flow time- but it just doent seem to work.


We never seem to get time to be able to do activities such as sewing cooking etc - again these have been tried within free flow but its too hectic and the activity seems to be rushed etc.


Some say dont do activities just play with the children? But then how is the key peson going to cover next steps?

oh i dont know I have so many mixed views on all this!!

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