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Hi, I'm trying to write this term's medium term planner. We had a brief brainstormimg session at the end of half term and decided to do "Homes" which is a new topic for us. We came up with "My Home" concentrating on kitchen and bedroom, "Animal Homes" and "Fairytale Homes". I am struggling to think of many activities to go with these sub-topics. Any ideas anyone? Thanks in advance,


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Although I havent done homes as a topic in its own right - we did a bit in a topic about autumn I think. Anyway we made a large tree with a hole in so the children could go inside. and put in animals that would live in or on the tree and the children added them as we went along. ie: started with squirrels, hedgehogs birds bats spiders etc. A few information books inside. Of course you will have your own home corner which you could keep adding visitors and surprises too, such as a delivery of a surprise parcel, letter, an unexpected guest etc... Or you could make an igloo, wigwam, caravan. tent , castle. etc... and of course there are the poor 3 bears who got their home invaded!



Linked some activities matching homes ie- a dog with a kennel, rabbit with a hole, fish and tank etc.... Matching items of furniture in the correct rooms of their house. Draw pictures of their own bedroom, make a home for teddy, or a book character using construction, large boxes. Some older children did some great interior design plans using an old ikea catalogue!


You could do a bit around bob the builder, building sites, percy the park keeper.

I think Scholastic do a planning bank called homes, whereas dont tend to use much in the way of photocopiables they often have good starting points - think there is an infant project mag around too.

Sure some kind person will post some plans for you but in the meantime I will keep looking around.


Good Luck sounds like an exciting topic.

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