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wonder if anyone could help.


we use pictures like bob the builder on our childrens name cards in the setting, my kitemark mentor mentioned that at "the office" someone said we shouldnt be using them because of copyright laws, they are only used for name cards for register and name recognition.


does anyone know the laws regarding this? if i do have to inform anyone, how would i go about it?


i would love to put them straight next time i see them, just to prove a point!!!!


any help would be great

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I'm sure a clever person will point you to the right website to check up on copyright law. However, I was under the impression that the owners of copyright are only likely to jump on you from a great height if you are using the images of Bob et al to make a profit.


I'd have thought they would be delighted to know the images of their characters are on display in your setting - great for brand recognition!



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I think a lot depends on where you get the pictures from, if you have down loaded them from a website it should be OK but not if you copy them from a book. We use photographs of the children.

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I'm with Sue R on this one. Our children can draw their own picture or choose and cut out a picture from an old birthday card to stick on their name label. :D



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thank for help,


i to thought it was only wrong if you were making a profit from it, which we are not.


we have tried photos before, but found that children then dont look at their written name just their picture, and we use the cards at least 3 times a day for name recognition (self register, cafe etc)


i like the idea of children doing their own work on them.


thing is, how we do our keyworker groups, is we have 3 keyworker groups, nemo, tigger and bob. each child goes into one of these groups and have this picture on their card. we do lots of activities in keyworker groups and have found it easier to call them as a group.


will concider other ideas, and put it to other staff (so they dont think ive been up to my usual tricks of making changes in the holidays- which they hate) also, put it to the children, as see what they think.


thank again.

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Hi ruthie,


I wouldn't change things for your KW groups, gives them a sense of 'group identity', just for individual identification cards etc - if you see what I mean??


If you need clarification, shout - I've got the cold from hell right now and may not make sense - assuming I ever do!! :oxD


Sue :D

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