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Hi All!


I'm currently undertaking my Foundation Degree and have been looking at different approaches to teaching and learning. One of the approaches is Schema which builds on work by Piaget and Chris Athey. I only have a limited concept of schema and wondered if anybody could enlighten me as to how they use this approach in their setting or where I might access further information. :o

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Tina Bruce has written at least one book on schema and their place in observation & assessment.

She is a recognised authority on this but I can't remember the book title although it is probably something quite obvious for the subject!



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Im currently in my final year of the foundation degree, the developing child module was the first module i covered. As Susan mentioned Tina Bruce is a very good place to start if you know very little about schema's however when putting your assignment together you need to look at other authors. We were advised (i must point out i am an avid reader of Tina Bruces work) not to look at Tina Bruce as she is more for the level 3 stage of study (B-TEC). Helen Bee is a very good author to look at, along with Peter Smith and Helen Cowie. A basic knowledge of psychology will put you in the right direction as i presume you will start to look at reinforcements aslo and different types of parenting if your following the same scheme of work as we did. i hope you get the same enjoyment out of the coures as i have up to now, as the student rep for the year group i was in university on thursday to give a small talk to the 1st years on the contents of the first year and the pros and cons!!!! keep me posted on your progress and if need any help give me shout!!!!!


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Hi All


Thanks for the help and advice. Beau - do you recall which weeks/month the articles were published in Nursery World? xD


Any of you use schema in your workplace or seen them being used?


On with the studying!! :o


Thanks Jo - I'll probably be screaming for your help in the future - so keep posting on the forum.

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