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Around The World Harvest Festival


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As a school we are doing Harvest of food around the world. I had arranged to do 'Oliver's Vegetables' but the Y! teacher soke to me tis morning and she was having a blonde moment and she is actually doing that in Literacy so it makesd sense for her to do it,


Anyway...can anybody think of anything i could do? Books, songs etc? We have covered by other classes, Italy, Fish, Carribean, bread and fairtrade....


I don't want to do Handa's surprise.... I think it is a bit hard at this time of year - prefer to do it in the summer.





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Hi jane, how about doing 'Stone soup'. Its a lovely story - old folk tale i think, about sharing what you have to make something better for everyone. Plenty of material in it to tick the boxes in the curriculum. add a few harvest songs inbetween each addes veg and you've got a 20 min play but with only a few lines for each speaking part to learn. i'm not sure of the author and i think there are a couple of versions out there, but google it and see what you think.


i did this simply with my preschool children but would wrok well with any age.


hope it helps :o

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