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Y1 Targets From Profile Points

Guest Pebble123

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Guest Pebble123

Is it just me who hates all this stuff ?


Have had to set targets for our Y1s based on their EYFSP scores


So if they scored 6 they are set a target of 1A by the end of Y1

If above that 2C

If below 6 1B


Also at least 80% must be 1A by the end of the year regardless of their scores


Without sounding negative they and we are going to really struggle to achieve this ! I have R/Y1 so have the children for another year.


Dont know whether to cry or open the wine !

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Oh my goodness - who told you to set the targets like that.


I have to set targets for the children when they go to year 1, but I make them up depending on what I think is realistic for them to make - and so far no-one has told me to do anything different.


I can't offer any advise - bar saying hit the wine!!!! lol


Just make sure you have lots of evidence to show at the end of the year all the progress that the children have made, even if they haven't made their targets, at least you can prove all the progress that they have made.

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Munn is absolutely right there is no correlation between EYFSP scores and NC but I don't think that will help you as if the HT has requested it like this then s/he has no understanding of EYs!


The cynic in me says play the game, set the target then get on with enjoying the teaching. Use your obs to inform your planning and use formative assessment to deide where your children anre and what you are going to teach next.


The evidence you keep will support you if they do not get the targets and you never know you may exceed them as you have been so focussed on moving them on from where they are to where they should go next!


Enjoy that glass of wine! Cheers!

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