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I know there's already been a lot of posts on planning but i'm writing to ask for all of your help.


The Head and i are very unhappy with our unit planning and are having a meeting after half term to come up with a new format- again!


I was wondering if people would mind sending me their planning- i want as many examples as poss to show him. at mo the planning is very complicated because the head wants so much in. I'm hoping to show him lots of other planning in the hope that ours will be considerably de- complicated (is that a word?)


Thanks in advance, Caroline



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What makes you unhappy with your current system?

And why does your head want so much written planning?


Mimi's right; lots of members have donated planning. Do a search and see what comes up!


I think many practitioners change their planning formats frequently (I certainly do)....always searching for the elusive "straightforward, time-saving, simple" system!


I find it always best to start from the top-down, although I know many people who do it the other way round. I like to start with "What are we offering the children and why? (long term), broad topics/events, etc (medium), and then look at the observation/assessment/planning cycle to tighten up our short term (weekly or fortnightly) plans.


How do you plan as a unit?

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