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Hi Everyone,


I need help with C.11.4 xD

Provide communication opportunities to enhance & reinforce the children's language & communication development.


Range 4

With more than one language


also can you help me with C.11.5 :(

Interact with children to promote their language & communication development


Range 4

with more than one language




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Hi Vanessa,

I think the statements here are pushing you in the direction of considering how we celebrate children who are bilingual. How can we use these skills to extend/consolidate their learning? Maybe by practitioners learning a few key words in the child's other language, labelling things in the nursery, learning a song or rhyme, or asking a family member to tell a small group of children a traditional story (eg Three Little Pigs) in the family language, maybe with puppets or masks.

Bilingual books are a wonderful way of showing how important we view a child's home language/second language, etc.


The lovely Sue R has just sent me her latest article in our NVQ series, and it happens to be C11! I'll ask Steve to put it on the site asap :D

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