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Eyfs/ks1 Dance Schemes Of Work


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Hi I am a teacher in a special school with children aged 7-9. I need some good dance schemes of work more suited to EYFS or low KS1?


My school doesn't have any. I have used Val Sabin before and found these quite useful but need some that are free!. Does anyone know any places whereI can download any? I will have to find music for the lessons too as we dont have any dance tapes/cds, just general music. I am not a dance teacher at all and not sure what to do other than make it up every week!!



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Not sure about downloading any plans but thought I'd let you know how I do my dance sessions with Reception!

I allow the children to pick the themes - favourite fairy stories or other books, superheroes, fireworks, animals etc etc - and then plan some simple movements to retell the story or theme (also allowing the childen to use any of their ideas) with a background track of any chart music or something Disney!!


e.g. Jack and the Beanstalk...

The Cow had to be sold – milking udder movements

Receive Seeds from Old Man – 'gardening' actions to prepare soil! Digging and throwing 'soil' over shoulders.

Beanstalk grows during the night – start down low and slowly wiggle and grow until up tall.

Climbing up the beanstalk – climbing action, reaching up high.

Giant in his castle – large, heavy movements – stand tall with hands on hips, stamp feet in square formation. Stop+ roar!

Running away fom giant, down beanstalk

Repeat actions to show Jack reclimbing the beanstalk to retrieve the Hen, Harp, Coins etc

Chopping down the beanstalk - axe cutting actions


I also use lots of party songs (Black Lace songs are very popular!!!) as warm-ups or for extra exercise at the end of the session.

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