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Hi all,

I am new here. Please can you help me with some activity ideas. We are doing our hands and I was wandering if you could give me some literacy ideas linked with using our hands, e.g. hand painting, name writing in sand etc.

Thank you in advance.

Together xxx

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BSL finger spelling?


Also I'm sure someone on here once posted something about drawing round hands then writing something on each finger but can't remember what it was, just remember thinking it sounded good! Anyone else remember this??


Just thought, writing poems about things you can do with your hands??

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Hi and welcome :o


We did mark making in builders tray with flour, shaving foam, cornflour gloop


Hand prints in autumn colours then cut out to make leaves on trees and hand prints with an eye & mouth added to make fish for sea display


Cut out hand prints and used then to measure things.....a book 3 hands long....laying a child down and measuring etc


Songs with actions like Tommy thumb


Brain gone blank now....hope that helps

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