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Hi. Trying to brainstorm some ideas for our holiday topic and I keep getting distracted. Have set up a camp, with two tents, barbeque etc. We were thinking of having a travel agents area too...(possibly in a themed writing area). I have a fishing game for water play, usual ideas for the sand, a lovely book of holiday pics, laminated aeiral shot of seaside etc any ideas...? I am supposed to be going away for 5 days next week and need to get my planning done first. :oxD

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Hi there Tracy

Off the top of my head, packing a suitcase, what will you need? Could take a real one in or different sized ones and let the children actually pack things -socks in pairs

In the water could make ferries out of junk materials -how many toy cars will they carry?

Postcards sorting, writing, sending, comparing old and new,

Old photos and children's photos (and yours,)of when they were

on holiday

Looking at a globe or atlas

Look at information about resorts-maps Accommodation

Use the internet -if possiblefor looking at what can do at Disney land and Legoland

speak different language say hello-goodbye

play at rockpools in water with small world creatures

Dangers of sunshine and heat.

Sure there's lots more

Hope you have a good break

Regards Lynda

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We provide picnic baskets with pretend food.

I also have my old leather suitcase, inside are a few clothes, my old teddy bear and a skipping rope. I use this as a memory game - what's in the case?

We ask all children to send the nursery a postcard when they are away - we pin these up with a map of the world.

I always talk about safety near water.

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Packing suitcases.

We put our sand on the floor and made an indoor beach, very successful

Songs in other languages

role play being on an airoplane, hostess, pilot etc.



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Just an update... we had a brilliant time with this topic! Did the camp inside for a few weeks, then changed it to a travel agents. We decided to have a "camping day" we planned it with the children, what we would need, what picnic food we could have etc. Then two weeks ago we put up 5 tents in the grassy area, all children brought in picnic food, came in their holiday clothes and brought a teddy bear to the camp. It was fantastic and we were in the local papers. :D

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