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I have just taken on the role of FS leader and have interviews coming up for an additional LSA.


Just wondering what sorts of questions I should ask them? Looking at their application forms/letters they have varied experiences and some have very little Early Years experience.


I am also thinking of asking them to do a short task such as reading a story or something similar.


Any advice much appreciated.


Thanks in advance

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Since observations are such a key part of what we do, you could ask them to observe some children at play and write down some notes. One of my interviews for a teaching post asked us to do this and I think it showed clearly what that person prioritises. You could even ask them to suggest a possible next step (although they don't know the children specifically, a good person will have a general idea of what other activities etc. would be interesting/useful)


Good luck - its not always easy finding the right member of staff.

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I think if I was after a support assistant in foundation stage I would only take on someone with some type of early years training.


In the past I have noted that jobs in school are often applied for because it fits in with home and people's own children rather than a wish to particularly work with children.


I think even with early years training I would be tempted to ask them to do some sort of activity too!

It's possibly too late for this batch of interiews now but I wouldn't interview someone who had not been to visit the school either.

I think seeing a person on a visit and how they are with staff and more importantly the children can be very enlightening!!

I also don't know how or why you would apply for a job if you hadn't been to see it or visit the people you might work with!


Good luck!

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We have asked applicants to plan and deliver a short small group activity and then to feed back what they thought the children had gained from the experience provided.


As a school we don't employ anyone below a level 3 and EY experience is essential in both nursery and reception. As we employ people on contracted hours not the same hours as the children it isn't particularly attractive to parents of our pupils.

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