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Hi everyone,


I am looking for help! I have been away on Maternity leave and am going back to running a part time school Nursery. Whilst I'm looking forward to getting back into the swing of things I am panicking slightly! I was thinking the first week back would mainly be getting to know the children - setting up activities that were popular like playdough etc and actvoties about them and thier families, then do lots of obs and start any 'projects' based on observations made. Is this enough or should I have any long term goals in mind. I have a planner with key festivals and seasons etc on but not sure if I should have a bit more in mind?


Please help!


Thank you in advance

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Hi Clare



This sounds pretty much like what we will be doing, as well as helping children to settle and to become familiar with routines, reminding children about washing hands, safe use of scissors. We will be talking to children about what they did over the holidays, with adults modelling by telling the children what they did, using props such as the 5 little starfish I bought on holiday. We will be putting out resources we know children like to play with. We will also be telling the story of the Gingerbread man, alongside children's favourite stories.


We will be observing children to plan for their interests and needs.


Our long term planning consists of seasons and celebrations. For each half-term we also have brainstorming ideas by area for possible ideas to extend children's knowledge of the world around them loosely based on seasons so later on this half-term we might explore harvest time using the story of the Little Red Hen, making bread etc. Our aim is to provide a variable balance of adult-led and child-initiated activities.

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We are doing the same too


Lots of observations and notes on childrens interests, ready to complete their individual developemnt plans.


We have a loose theme titled 'All about me' ( although Im sure the children will soon change this!) which also helps kickstart new childrens learnng journal. We will focus on the changes n weather (if it sdoes change!) and Harvest etc

Mainly going with the flow of the children

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