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Hi this is my first time on this forum. I have read so many helpful replies on the other forum topics I am really hoping you could help me get sorted!! I work in a British international school and have been working in reception for the last four years. I suddenly landed the responsibility of being transferred to nursery to help get it sorted for two big international inspections this year. I am foundation stage trained but it has been a few years since I have been in nursery and I am feeling a bit rusty and out of then loop! I was wondering if there is anyone who could help get me back up to speed. the main areas are correct forms of assessment, entry assessment (a must not my choice!) ongoing observations, EYS profile, learning journeys (another must!). I could also do with some examples on planning formats, short, medium and long, as I am worried that If I have everything in mine that would be necessary to pass on Ofsted. I promise to return with any support I can give in the future!! I am also very keen to make links with other nurseries from an educational slant, I work in a school with over 60 nationalities and what better way to develop internationalism in our establishments, then having regular links for the children in various nurseries around the world, there are many ways of our children communicating across the Internet! Thank you in advance for any support any of you can give, a bit of reassurance of the must haves would help me start off so much easier. :o

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I am not sure if I am too late to reply to this post, but a website I have found really useful for ideas and especially ways to make entry level assessment more child-friendly is ABC Does a Blog - http://abcdoes.typepad.com (or google ABC does...a blog). There is also different ideas for planning formats/cycles too.


We use learning journals (which we call Record of Achievements) and in these we put any quick observations we make of children, long observations where we observe a child over a longer period of time and photos. What I do is cross reference to Development Matters in the EYFS for each observation to show what areas the observations have met. On another thread, someone put up some nice documents which show all the development matters, which I print and highlight when children meet each thing. Planning formats I can't really help with, as I am not sure if mine are right and I am constantly changing them!!


I beleive the linking up might be helpful for our 'sustainability', which a colleague of mine is responsible for. Are you linked to a school? If so, might be interested in that!


Hope I have helped a bit!

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