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Hi all!!


Was hoping that someone would be able to help/lend a hand? I'm looking to apply for a TLR position as Early Years Coordinator/Foundation Stage Leader in a new school and wondered whether anyone had any advice or an example of a typical supporting letter you would send to the school? I haven't done one since applying for my job as an NQT so a little but out of practice!!


Many thanks

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Good Luck - I would say read the job specification carefully and word your statement to show how you meet those points, maybe referencing stuff you've done in your current position. Try and include references to the latest updates/information regarding the proposed EY curriculum and, if you have any experience in leading/managing people then say so. A brand new school sounds very exciting!

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Guest heleng

I haven't sent any for a while either but we have been recruiting and my head has made a couple of comments that might help.


Don't waffle- you need to be concise but make sure you get your point across.

Make sure you read the job spec carefully and include statements that show how you would meet those points (as Lucyhobbit said).


Sell yourself whilst still being realistic, including what strengths would you bring to the school.

Mention any management duties and if you can read their latest OFSTED and look at the points for development and then say if you have strengths in those areas i.e. particular subject areas they may need to work on/ develop.


She also comments on letters/ statements that come across as very child centred.


Good luck!

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