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Reception Tea Party

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Next week i'm having a 'tea' party for parents and children for the new intake and the current parents and class.

We're just having some cake and cold drinks.

This has the space of an hour to fill and I'm thinking I need to have some activities ready for the parents to do with their children.


(If its a nice day we will have the field and lots of PE type equipment)


But, if its not a nice day and we have to be inside and under our outdoor cover I'm struggling to think of things to keep them entertained that can also be done by my current class if they don't get a parent visitor.


has anyone got any ideas, or done something similar?



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Get one of your staff to make playdough with the parents to show them how easy it is to do at home. Just make the non-cooking stuff out on a table and maybe then give them the recipe for 'cooked' playdough.

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had a lovely time...it rained ALOT, it was really interesting to see the parents that got involved with their children and who stood back and did nothing - i had deliberately put out activities where they might need a bit of help e.g fixing things with split pins.

we had a treasure hunt around school and had squash and cakes. Nearly all of my newbies and their parents/grndparents came which was a BIG improvement on last year! My current class were great, with what turned out to be very limited space and behaved really well!!!

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