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after reading abc's blog i got my hands on Nick Sharatts 'what's in the witches kitchen' in order to do the PSRN cooking activity next week with my reception class.

I was trying to think of a fun CLL based activity for this book too. I really want the children to have an exciting last week in reception!


has anyone got any ideas or things they've already done with it?


I suppose maybe we could make our own pages....don't know how to do the double flap thing tho!?!



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Why not let them create their own 'witches kitchen' recipe book / recipe cards - let children work in pairs? - could cover lists / instructions. Could even make a cookery video, using jelly type sweets in the recipe?


Maybe give the end name of a dish and let them come up with the start name - SO, you write '___________ muffins' and they have to come up with a 'witch type' word to describe the muffins? Eyeball muffins, Sp.ider buns, snail salad for a bit of alliteration.


We are having a shorts n shades day to finish off our 'by the sea' theme and then the children have to write their ice cream order for the ice cream parlour - boys will certainly write then!

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