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Sensory And Intellectual Development


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'possible effects of environmental, physical,social,cultural and genetic factors in enhancing or impairing childrens sensory development'


Genetic - ok, social - lack of toys etc to stimulate. Help on others please! :oxD

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Good morning Sue, I was very interested by your quote and wondered where you got it.

I could come up with ideas as to why those different aspects influence sensory development but they would just be my ideas and not facts. I wondered if it could be things like having nonstop loud music in a house affecting hearing (cultural, and envorinmental), there has been experiments in the past that show that lack of exposure to/wrong type of light during development damages sight, sense of touch can be enhanced in sight impaired children, and I imagine that children who don't receive good tactile experiencec early perhaps through parenting that doesn't allow it or because of a physical disability preventing them handling things don't develop their perceptions of touch in the same way. Social? Does this come back to Vygotsky and the importance of social interaction for learning - is understanding what we perceive through our senses part of this learning that he talked about?

Just some ideas. Like I said I don't really know, but perhaps somebody else out there does.

Ly :o

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Hi there,


Lyeska, that sounds good to me. Sue's quote is one of the knowledge and understanding statements for NVQ Level 3, Unit C10, Sensory and Intellectual Development.


Sue, if you need more help, come back!


Sue :D


All these sues!! I'm getting dizzy!! :o

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