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I have been very quiet on here- head down completing NQT year etc! I am very excited to be trying to organise my first Nursery visits for my new job, so have some questions...

How do you go about arranging them?

What do you like to ask about?

What would Nursery's like Reception teachers to ask about?

What forms do you use if any?

Any top tips?

Thank you- any pointers gratefully received :o

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stumbled across you post and thought I would let you know what happens in my pre-school to see if it is helpful! I am the manager for the pre-school and have good links with the reception teacher. She comes across to us for about half hour every week to just play with the children and talk to them, in the last six weeks of the summer term so the children are used to seeing her face etc... (she also has open afternoons at the school for an hour every week in the last half of the summer term) last year she invited us over to a tea party and her reception class (my old preschoolers) showed all the preschoolers around and then she had some activities for them to do with her class and teachers helping (the children in her class talked to her about what they liked most when they first started and she used their ideas as a base, they also wrote us invitations so it was a literacy activity for her as well) This worked so well we are doing it again! Then I have a meeting with her near the end of term where I can pass on anything she may need to know for individual children in order for them to have a smooth transition and be successful as possible.


hope it helps good luck!!!

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Hi I am a reception teacher and have just had my transition meeting with the playgroup ladies this morning. My school has a feeder playgroup and 27 out of 30 children come from there. I and my TA visit throughout the year for about 3/4 hr at a time every other week so by the summer term we are already familiar and have built up a picture. The children have already been up to school for various story times etc. The 3 children coming from other settings, I have arranged directly with them and have been to see the children there at their setting for about an hour each time. I ask things like relationships with other children, anything they are worried about with the child, their place in the family, strengths, difficulties, how they think the child will settle at school, what their next steps learning would be, favourite toys toys/activities and I also make sure that I have a chat with the child. In my meeting this morning where we went through the other 27, we looked at the transition records together, talked through iEPs and also passed on important info relating to the family which could impact on the child. They also pass on to me an information which they feel could help me like behaviour strategies they have used with particular children or how to handle parents!


I think if you asked the nursery key people 'what do you think I need to know about this child to do the best for him/her' that should cover it or 'how do you think this child will cope with school?'


Soething else I would say is that I always have the permission of parents before arranging to see the children at their nursery (I ask this in our meeting in june) and I ring nurseries directly once I have this to arrange the meetings.


Good luck hope all goes well


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I am a Pre-school supervisor and am very lucky to have a mutually supportive transition with our local school.


We visit the local school with the current children once every week from the start of the Autumn term and they get a chance to play with the recently 'moved up' children in the EY area, and also they meet the EY teacher and TA from the very start.


The EY teacher visits us at least once a term and there are also other shared events such as visiting a local farm , Christmas party, Easter egg Hunt, Teddy bears picnic, some organised by the school, some organised by us.


I also meet with the EY teacher in the summer term to talk about the children moving up, we ask permission from parents through our Registration form when children register.




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