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Still getting info about poss taking over a school club....just wondered how others do their bookings.


We currently do them monthly so that parents have flexibility ie for shift workers but this has been a huge issue in the past when sessions have had to be refused as too many wanted the same session.


Do you do them monthly with children having the sessions the same set sessions and then invoice? How do you invoice? Have you got an example of how you work all this out? Doyou ask parents to give you a months notice should they want to leave or change sessions?


Shift workers would then have to book sessions if they were available. Do you think this is fair?


How long does it take you to do them?


The waiting list would be easier to manage than the current system I know.


How do you "use/accept" childcare vouchers? Do you just have to keep track of those that have paid? Think I am going to have to ask our current treasurer!


Thanks for any info.

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