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Interactive Maths Display....help!


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Hello all,


I need some help....I am preparing my display boards for September and I am really stuck for my maths one. Its not a huge board....about the size of a rectangular classroom table...vertical.....so the children can reach about half way up on it.


I am really wanting to make an interactive maths display but I am really stuck for ideas, I have just gone blank??


Can anyone share any good ideas or tips for this?


Thank you :o



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Hi I have an interactive maths display on a board which I have covered with fabric that velcro sticks to. Over the year I have had various things on it connected with our topic/maths focus. I have had things like making number sentences with superheroes, handa's basket-making subtraction number sentences (big laminated basket and fruit for them to take away the fruit and laminated numbers to make the sentences) sorting shapes into 2 categories, at the moment I have 10 fish and 2 aquariums for making number bonds to 10. I talk through and model my board when I change it (about every 3 weeks) and it is usually one of my challenges that I give for CI time. I put a stack of paper/whiteboards and pens next to it and even if it is not a challenge, the children love to go to it-I think the children are drawn to the velcro sticking to the fabric! I found the fabric on the internet it's called 'velcro receptive fabric' or 'nylon looped fabric'

HOpe that helps


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