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The Seaside/water Theme Planning


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Hi guys,


Just heard ofsted are on there way on monday! I decided to do a topic on the seaside/water theme based on children's observations this week.Many of them have enjoyed playing with the water tray and have been to the beach lately. Just wondering if anyone has some really wicked ideas for me to plan which will make Mrs O impressed?

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coould set up a beach shop role play , go to local £1 shop and get rubber rings, spades, buckets etc and I think there is a sparklebox role play set for that, make icecreams in art area, could make ( as we have done) ice cream sundaes children make their own add some fruit ie strawberries for the healthy eating bit, construction could be sandcastles in tuff spot, pink white and brown playdough with cardboard cones and glitter for sprinkles.


Hope that helps, this is what we did . we also put a ground sheet down and put sand on it with deckchair, beach towels, empty suncream bottles, hats etc ( bit of clearing up at the end ) but Having just had ofsted last week with porridge everywhere!!!!! its all worth it


Good luck by the way x

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We have just finished this theme. Probably the best activity was bringing in a real fish (a sea bream bought for £3 from the local fishmonger) we put it in a tray on a bed of ice. The children had a fantastic time 'exploring' it using (almost) all their senses! A few were afraid to even touch it at first but by the end they were picking it up and even looking inside its mouth. Lots of good descriptive language and new vocab (fins, scales, gills). We put clipboards nearby for children to draw and label their own fish picture. They also were amazed that the fish in their fishfingers every friday came from real fish like this one.


Other activities included

making flags for sandcastles

green water, shells, plastic sea creatures in the water tray

pressing shells into playdoh

sponge painting a long sheet of lining paper with shades of blue and then leaving out for children to draw on sea creatures etc

role play was mermaids and sharks

books included Commotion in the Ocean, Rainbow Fish


I hope that helps! Good luck with ofsted.

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Thank you so much for sharing all your lovely ideas, they have been really useful!! Im going to use your ideas and feed them into my planning, ive got the whole weekend to do this, so fingers crossed we have a successful week! I will let you know how it all goes!

This is my first ofsted inspection so hopefully im ready and prepared, thanks alo guys means alot.

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