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I am near completion of my reports.......Yeah!!.....however i'm really struggling to write one little boy's teacher comment..

He is a very moody....serious boy....mum says he only wakes up at 10.30!....however when his imagination is sparked off and he is busy self initiating you do see a happy side to him....and he loves to win praise when he has done something right....

also he understands classroom rules but he is very cheeky to adults...he does not think before he says... he also finds it hard to listen for long periods of time and his mind seems to wander.....

How do you word this? At present my coment does not seem to read right?


Any suggestions please?

Thank you very much

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Hi, I have moved your post for you as the EYPS forum area did not seem appropriate.


I assume you are ina school nursery and this child attends the afternoon session? It sounds as if he is probably going to bed very late which will need to be adressed for him to cope in fulltime school. However, that is not a remit of a progress report unless you think the moodiness can be attributted to tiredness?


However, you also say he is serious, so I think maybe you need to be clear about whether he is moody or serious. I dont see that there is a particular problem with serious. Moody on the other hand suggests, I think. a far greater range of emotion and probably negative emotion such as grumpy and uncooperative.


Maybe if you can differentiate this it will be easier to write your comment as in essence everything else seems to be ok, if that is a reflection of the child that you see.


Hope that makes sense.

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