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Night Monkey Day Monkey

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Hi, I was wondering if anyone can help me!!

I have an observation next week and we have been learning about the Jungle. We have been on a trip to the zoo, we have made a role play area and learnt about lots of different animals that live in the jungle. I was thinking about using the book 'Night Monkey, Day monkey' but my mind has gone blank for activities. Any suggestions anyone??

Thanks xx

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Ok, doing night animals and day animals linked to the story. Going to do sequencing (pictures throughout the day), sorting animals. etc. We have a jungle role play inside, going to do a bat cave in the outside role play area. Looking at information books about nocturnal animals. If anyone has ANY more ideas to add, please do. I have a complete mental block!! Thank you x

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Art activities light and dark / sun & moon


PSE sleep, why do we need to sleep, what time do you go to bed etc


KUW Daytime here night time Australia


Been a while since I read Night Monkey, Day Monkey....if I was doing jungle stuff I always chose Monkey Puzzle by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler because it had lots of animals in it or Walking Through the Jungle by Julie Lacome


Sorry not much help I fear but good luck

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Thank you very much!

I hadn't thought of KUW, Australia link so thanks for that. We have already had lots of activities around monkey puzzle. Going with this story as the children wanted to know about night time animals.

Thanks for your help.

Lizzie x

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