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Ssm Scale Point 8


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If a child has used a variety of shapes to create excellent representational pictures and made repeating patterns using 5 colours would you use this as evidence towards this points- I always seem to have trouble collecting evidence for point 8 across the three strands of MD even though I know it will be happening all the time.

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how did this work link to problem solving?

I used their knowledge of shape and measure to consider this point. Those I ticked off were confident with adapting the length of paper straws and using them to create the bones for a kite they made. They automatically problem solved when cutting them and finding out what shapes the bones made on the kite. They also investigated ssm8 when they made some containers (out of construction) for items in our class for our "imagined moving day".


If you can explain how your work solved a problem, then maybe you can use this as evidence.

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Have a look at this, it might be of some help:




It has a lot to do with the language the child uses during the process of making these representations rather than the end product. Does s/he explain his/her reasoning for using certain shapes?

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Guest heleng

I had evidence like:


A made a crown for their head, realised it was too small so cut another length and joined it on to make it longer so it fit.

A piece of equipment had gone over the fence A worked out what length of guttering he needed to reach it and roll it back towards the fence.

A wanted to get the ball through the basketball hoop and worked out if he turned the tin bath over and stood on it it made him taller so he was closer and could shoot more accurately.

A wanted to make his tower taller then B's so he decided to use bigger blocks and talked through what he was doing.

A realised he couldn't reach the top of the tower himself so went and got a chair to stand on and when that didn't work he asked the tallest child in the class to stand on the chair and add more blocks.


These are just some examples (my current class are actually very good with SSM problem solving) I heard all of these being discussed and noted down language used as well as the outcome. It is a hard scale point.

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