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Hi all


I need some inspirational lesson ideas for an interview observation next week. I have to teach a class of Reception (not sure how many) for 25mins. It has to be a literacy based activity with a writing focus. I was thinking of doing something on the lines of pirates (message in a bottle, treasre maps or descriptions) but mind going blank. It's hard as I don't know the class or level of support. If anyone has any brilliant ideas, please post them on here!


Thank you!! :o

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scroll down to my post at the bottom of this discussion for my idea but i'm not sure you could fit it in to 25 mins, you'd have to edit it a bit, maybe make the book as a shared, whole class thing and you could explain in your interview that with more time you'd get the children to make their own books...


Thanks for that, sounds like a great lesson - just think it would suit a longer session though. I think I'll do something similar along the lines of descriptions on a pirate theme.

Thanks again :o

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