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Ofsted Punishment?


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Hi We've recently been awarded an Outstanding judgement, the report seems to be taking an age to be published! We want to shout it from the rooftops obviously but am a little concerned if we jump the gun. We have a school fayre and open day in a couple of weeks and really want to advertise the fact, anyone know what happens if we "kiss & tell" before the report is published? Thanks

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Hi if its any help we were told the Ofsted judgement is not valid until published and can be changed between your inspection and publication! If you get outstanding it has to go to 'scrutiny' (to a higher level) and this could change the outcome if the management doesn't agree with the Inspector apparently. That is why they say not to let people know.


We had the unfortunate circumstance of one of our Outstanding reports never reaching publication because of some mess up between the Inspector going off long term sick and the powers that be not able to access the report she made - it took 8 months of chasing this up and getting Ofsted to do something - by which time we were told the time lapse was too long since the report (well who's fault was that??) so the report was null and void! So we had another unannounced inspection again in the same year! (happy to say we did get outstanding again)


I am sure you won't have that experience at all, but thought I'd share the reason that we were given.

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Thanks very much for that, I hadn't realised reports can be changed by the "higher ups" I wonder how many actually get changed? I guess we'd better keep quiet for a bit longer then. I too have heard of groups where the publication of the reports has taken months. Yours was a real horror story though, but well done for the second outstanding!

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Ours only took a couple of weeks so they do sometimes do it more quickly and yours still might arrive before your open day, fingers crossed :) x

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