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Hi can anyone recommend a reliable quality assurance scheme please and what is expected of the setting to collect thank you w appreciate it


hi i run a creche as part of a family centre and we are part of the pre-school learning alliance when we were introduced to them they came and did a qaulity assurance inspection and graded red amber or green for different arreas of practice this gave us as a setting a report toshow parents that we area professional setting and the report gave us green in most areas of the inspection.

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I am wondering which schemes are available in your area? Whilst there are some national ones (PLA, NDNA etc,) others are more local e.g. The Bristol Standard is used a number of LAs from Wiltshire down to Devon It may be worthwhile asking anyone left in your Early Years team which 'local' ones are available to you.

The national ones, in my opinion, often have a bias towards the type of setting that the 'mother' orgasnisation supports e.g. the PLA one more suited to committee run settings and the NDNA one to larger, private nurseries.

All that said, I think it is very worthwhile taking part in one. It provides a real motivation to consult with parents, staff, children, management committee etc. and really assess what everyone considers to be areas where you are working well and areas to develop. Beware however, it again varied greatly how much paperwork the various schemes require.

Once you know which schemes you might consider, it may be worth asking on here again as people will probably be more able to give you more specific responses.



P.S. By the way, these schemes are usually known as 'Quality Improvement' now, rather than 'Quality Assurance' - just to emphasise that there are always areas to develop!

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