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My First Interview!

Guest TinklePrincess

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Guest TinklePrincess

Oh my word.


I have just been invited to go for an interview on TUESDAY! The position is Early Years Practitioner at a Sure Start Children's Centre attached to a school.


My current EYPS placement is in a Sure Start Children's Centre so I have experience of multi-agency working etc, but only as a student... I'm so unprepared... I have only just finished my degree - don't officially graduate til November. I don't have my EYP qualification yet and won't get it until at least November (if I pass first time). I don't have a level 3 as I went straight from A Levels so I don't have "practitioner status" without my EYPS... I'm so confused. Can anyone help me?


I've never had an interview other than in retail, and that's just blagging... I didn't pay enough attention at uni - just enough to get by with my assignments. I don't know the EYFS or any other statutory/non-statutory documents as well as I should.


Is it just a pipe dream - should I just not go? I don't know what to expect, what to take, how to dress... basically, I'm terrified! Please help me!

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Congratulations on the interview.


Stop panicking and relax!


You presumably submitted an application form for this, so as you have been shortlisted you must at least look as if you could do the job. Do not withdraw. If you are not successful you will have had some interview experience, which can only be a good thing.

Make sure you know what you said about yourself on your application and be confident about what you know, what you can do and what you have experienced. Everyone is on a learning curve of some description when they are appointed to a new position.

Wear something smart that you feel confident and comfortable in. If you feel good you will look good.


I do not have any experience of the job you describe so maybe someone else will be able to help you out on that one but enjoy the experience and good luck.

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Great advice from Susan :o

Did the job require a level 3? If it didn't specify, and as Susan says they know you haven't got it, then I shouldn't worry!

I would make sure you understand the structure and basic requirements of the EYFS, and have something to say about:

* observing and recording children's achievements

* planning for individual children

*partnerships with parents

* multi-agency working

* your strengths as a practitioner and as a member of a team

* your areas for professional development


I'd also prepare a couple of questions about the CC.


Good luck and let us know how it goes xD

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I don't know very much about the job you are going for but just wanted to offer my support. You are bound to be nervous and they will expect that to a certain degree. I think smiles and enthusiasm for children go a very long way so try not to let your nerves stop you from showing that. As others have said before me If they've shortlisted you then they think that you can do the job after all they will also have talked to your referees.

Good luck and fingers crossed


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