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I am moving up to Year 1 with my class in September. Whilst this will obviously be great for continuity I also want to make sure we have some newness to mark our transition. In particular (as I've been based in EYs and primarily nursery for a long time) I want to expand my repertoire of songs and activities for settling children at transition times.

Would be really grateful to hear any of your favourites/ things that work for you and your year 1 class.




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Line up song, sung to the tune of 'The Addams Family' theme tune:


My toes are pointing forwards

My fingers pointing downwards,

My lips are zipped together,

And now i'm in a line.

Show me a line (click, click)

Show me a line (Click, click)

Show me a line that is just fine

Show me a line (Click, click)


This works well to get them quiet in the line and focused. Mission impossible theme tune for tidy up time is good as well.


Try www.singup.org


Hope that helps you :)

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I do clap-clap, click, click then hands in the air once everyone has stopped, hands on head, then fold arms (which they can't quite do if they have a pencil in their hand although many try;-) ). If they are lucky and have been quick, I throw a yee-ha or a raspberry in to the mix to liven things up! I have tried singing, but am rather susceptible to laryngitis so do things that are non verbal.


Good luck!

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