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Hi All


Wondered if any of you knowledgable lot could help out with this?


I at present run a preschool and am thinking about adding a holiday club, breakfast club and afterpreschool club. just for the 3-5's

we already have all the above in the village for the school aged children


i would like to run it as a seperate business to the preschool, but it will be in the same hall. therefore being 2 seperate things, and not being a day nursery, this would not be possible from the hall


Does anyone already do this? could i ask how much you charge and how it works?


or am i totally being off the wall and dreaming up an idea that will not work at all!!!!!!


Thank you

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we run a summer club for our pre school children, age 2-5, as July leavers can also attend.


It's only for 2 weeks during the summer holidays, as that is all the staff were willing to do, as all have own children off.


We run a 4hr session, 10 - 2 with packed lunch . We charge £18 per session, this ensures we cover staff wages and extra outside activities that we have in, such as circus activities.


You will need to notify your insurance and extend cover, you also need to notify Ofsted, if I remember correctly they wanted a detailed breakdown down of how many children, staff, qualifications, activities etc before they would agree to us doing the summer club.


Good luck :o



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