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Well had Big O in today.


Just wanted some feedback from you guys about continious provision


We have many workshop areas which are resourced with lots of different toys and equipment ie construction area, lego, dulo, tools big blocks, mega bloks, clipboards, oh too much stuff to mention resources are in containers with labels and we have continious prov sheets (like that in the resoure library showing possibe learning under the 6 areas)


Its always been an issue children getting lots of toys out and empting containers everywhere but we are constanly working with the children educating them to put things way when theyhave finished plying etc -local authority have always said to us to perserve with the children empting the containers etc


Oftsed have said today we have too much available and its over stimulating the children, and suggest we have one thing named out each day in each area without the children having the choice of accessing lots of other equipment!!!!!


Can I ask does this sound right? Can I have some views and ideas and suggestions from you wonderful people please?

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W were DONE!!! in October last year and were told, among other things , that we shouldnt have riding toys out for H&S reasons and that we talked to the children too much!! Now this is after I've been a lead CLLD teacher for twelve months and the Literacy team had been soooooo impressed withour work..................................???????????????????? Dunno, I think they come from Mars :oxD:(:(:(

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yep theyre right. a few things out and put away get out for other things. too much overwhelms and nullifies free choice. less is more.

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I agree with the 'less is more' theory. We used to have virtually everything out to enable children to develop the 'informed choice' idea but found they didn't really engage in purposeful play and tended to tip out/quickplay/tip something else out etc. when we reduced items available the result was quite amazing, we found children chose what they wanted and really engaged in their play.


We explained other things were availabe if they wanted and they soon got to know that if they didn't fancy what was out they could ask for something else.


For us it was a case of them being 'spoilt for choice' and things are much better all round now. Just today a child said 'we haven't had the k'nex out for lots of days' - fair comment and out it came and a lovely result with children engaged and working together.


I would try not to take the criticism to heart I am sure it was well meant. Until they have grasped the idea of putting things away I think it may help them not to have so many containers out - however I think going as far as one named item is a bit drastic and doesn't offer any choice.

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