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Hi, please can someone give me some ideas how i can write an assignment.Discuuss the claim that children's early social relationships are the foundation for emotional security and social understanding.

Obviously i know that it does,but i don't know how to structure my essay.Any ideas please would be gratefully acknowledged.

Thanks Louise :o

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Phew ... a tall order ... structuring an essay ... I'm a little rusty !

I've just received a great book from Amazon 'Social skills in the Early Years - Supporting Social and Behavioural Learning' by Kay Mathieson.


I think you would find this really useful, I'll include a few of the key points here as it might give you some ideas for your essay.



Learning social skills

-watching others

-trying out ourselves

-breaking down skills

-practising skills seaparately

- fitting skills together

- applying skills to various situations

-improve own skill level through rehearsal and repetition



Dealing with conflict

This discusses how we can break down social interaction into skills which can be practised and using conflict as a learning experience.

Skills for conflict resolution :


Communicating needs and wishes

Understanding a situation

Ability to appreciate another's view

Ability to communicate respect



Grown ups make a difference - Teaching and learning about behaviour

How we can promote the characteristics of well being which are :

feeling at ease

Being in contact with feelings and emotions and enjoying life

Acting spontaneously

Showing vitality and self confidence

Open to the world

Expressing inner rest and relaxation


I think the book has the approach that through social relationships children develop emotional security and an understanding of others.


Hope this helps a bit. I would get the book, it is very inspiring and simple to read, and came very quickly from Amazon !


Good luck with the essay


Galleon :o

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[Hi Galleon,

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly.This is such a helpful ,supportive site.I am going to order that book that you recommended to me-cheers.Thanks for the pointers,you have steered me in the right direction.I think the problem was that i was feeling overwhelmed as there is so much that you could write for that topic.

I hope that i can be some help to you in the future.

Louise :)

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Hi Louise,

Glad my post was of some use ... it is such a huge vague, title you could go in lots of directions really.

Good luck with the essay !


Galleon :D

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