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We are in the middle of a complete planning overhall as we feel that we are doing far to much paperwork .


We are a small team of 5 including myself as manager . Each staff member has an average of 19 key children as I am not in the room often enough to work closely with the children .


My question is we used to set each child a target (development matters) for each of the six areas of learning per term which then in turn showed a progression along a learning path each term.


We have recently had out devlopment officer in who does not feel targets are the suggested route.


I agree that the childrens interests should used to assist with plannning activities for each child but if we "do away with" the targets with this amount of key children , my team and myself are concerned that some children will get left out if you know what I mean.


Can I ask how you all do it? . It is a minefield and I am trying to keep everyone happy including an iminent ofsted visit who I will add liked the target sheets we used as it clearly showed progression. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am getting very stressed now :oxD:( :(

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I work in a similar set up to you.


I am going through a 'trial' process with some of the new children in terms of paperwork and one of the things I am keen to implement is an Early Learning Play Plan which basically lists all the 6 areas, achievements for the term (the boxes are really small so there isn't too much scope for 'wordy' comments), suggested next steps based on their achievements, parents comments and then shared childcare so we can obtain the views of childminders/other settings.


Four of the six staff I am working with are beginning to use them and have said they are ok, provided they are done on a termly basis. Anything else and I think they would find it difficult to keep up with. We do speak to the parents in between these sheets, with long obs that we ask them to sign to agree the next steps etc.


It is basically what you do, but we call them suggested/potential next steps rather than 'targets' :o

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