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Any great and inspirational ideas for an activity or enhancements that will help me get some good and secure observations for KUW scale point 5. I seem to have lots of children who I still haven't got many observations for this, although I think they must do it all the time! I could do with a good focus activity which will help me secure this with some of my children.


Thanks in advance!

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Guest ChunkyMan

Hi Lilactime,


In the past I have put out lots of unfamiliar items/objects such as a leather hole punch, garlic press, garlic chopper, paper crimper, cat balls, hand lemon juicer, metal tongs etc, anything that is a little unusual but is found around the house and is safe to be handled. Put them in a tuff spot and let them investigate.......Investigate alongside them, posing questions etc.

You could put a load of old and unusual toys that have to be wound up, pushed down etc and see what they have to say about them.

Sally Featherstone's little book of treasure baskets is a great source of ideas too.


I hope this is of some use?

Good luck :o

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