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Jim And The Beanstalk Or Phonics?


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Hi everyone,

Was hoping someone out there may have some helpful advice. Am being observed for thirty minutes. I can choose anything. Am thinking about doing a phonic activity sorting the real objects as a class into th sh and ch. then a simple activity of corting pictures into the correct coloumns at desk. Or a half hour on something else. The book we will be doing is Jim and the beanstalk. Basically which idea sounds the best/? I dont have a clue what to do for Jim and the beanstalk other than sequencing pictures from the story but there are not any pictures on the intenet l can find from the story.

Any advice about how to make either ideas fun engaging and a great lesson would be fantastically helpful!!!



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Hi, I have always used Jim and the Beanstalk as a starting point for measurement activities to help the children understand the importance of measuring. I have followed on from the story by getting the children to measure themselves and each other using either tape measures or strips of paper and the children have then recorded this. From this I have in the past set them a challenge of making a pair of glasses for themselves.

Hope that helps


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