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Got the call yesterday that we are having an art observation the first day back after half term. I was wondering if anyone had ideas of what i could do for Handa's Surprise. I need to make sure i'm teaching the appropraite skills and techniques for Reception.


I thought about printing with fruits, maybe weaving but I also need an outdoor activity...


I'm the art co-ordinator and I need a secure plan as i may need to have to have supply cover for my class as i will be on a joint obeservation with the inspector.


Any ideas would be greatly apprecited!! :o

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I'm doing Handa's Surprise this week. I have had fruit printing in the continuous provision. We made repeating pattern fruit kebabs today! The main art focus I have done is to paint a red/ orange, yellow wash a background, children mixed the orange themselves. This made a sunset. After looking at pictures of african elephants in sunset they look like sillohettes. The children then drew an africa elephant on black paper, cut it out (some found this bit tricky though!) and then stick it on the sunset. looks really effective but some of the animals don't look too much like animals so maybe have some animal shapes they could print with black paint onto their paper.


Another idea is to do some observational drawing of fruits. I'd definitely think about the enhancements to provision as well as the actually activity. Handa's Surprise is such a lovely story. Good luck x

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I have been doing Handa's surprise this term and I focused in on weaving mainly. We practiced weaving in and out of each other outside in the playground and although I didn't plan the link we have been maypole dancing this term so have been weaving in and out of each other maypole dancing. I have a decking area outside which has wooden pillars supporting the roof and I attached some of the green netting to the pillars and the children have been weaving fabric into it over the last few weeks in CI time (children could get either side of it so they could work together to poke the fabric through to each other). I also do forest school and took a load of willow with me one week and started the children off with a large willow circle and they went and found sticks and leaves to weave into the circle to make a giant Handa's basket. later on that week we did some paper mache on ballooons in orange tissue to make the tangerines. (looks fab on display) I also did sunset pictures with inks and then the children stamped african animals in black over the top (I found a a set of foam African animal printing blocks for about £2 in the range)

I have had a really successful few weeks with the story and the children have really enjoyed it.

I hope your observation goes well


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Art activity idea


Today, as part of our Handa work, we looked closely at a large piece of African fabric - lots of different masks on this - we also looked at African mask artefacts - from Matalan i think!


I then put out a limited range of colours, for dramatic effect - red and black in paint/charcoal/wax/pastel and pencil so they had own choices to make.


Can't believe the fab outcomes - no-one 'copied' a mask, they were all inspired to innovate - even the boys, once they heard the masks described as warrior masks


Good luck!

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