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Hi folks

does anyone know of a good website or company that sell either religious artefacts and/or cultural books and artefacts?


I know of 'Festivals' and 'Mantralingua' for books but would like to check others?

thanks, in aniticipation

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Hi Liza,

We've bought lots of books and photo resources from Oxfam for our nursery; really good for discussing the lives of children from different cultures, etc. Not sure about artefacts, I'm afraid, but you might try TTS. I know they have an RE catalogue. Telephone 01623 447800. :)

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I know that The Mary Rose Trust have a group of people who will visit school with a box of interesting bits to explore, and they give a talk on the Mary Rose its history and when it was recovered from the sea, I think it depends which part of the country you are in.


I dont have any contact details though, sorry! :o



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hi there

Articles of faith are a company that specialises in artefacts from all faiths - they have their own website www.articlesof faith...? I think - will check it out for you. Also TTS do quite a good range. If you live locally to Leicester / Bradford etc there is nothing cheaper than buying them from the shops

They also do a useful book which explains about all artefacts - their use and ways to handle them - invaluable.

Hope this helps will get back with that web link in a mo!


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