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Just wondered if any schoolclub who shows DVDs have got a licence ie PVSL or is it covered by the LEA?

Apparently some LEAs do cover it but Im still trying to find out if ours do!


I think as school club we have to get one but looking into it (see attached leaflet) although we only have 48 children at any one time we have to get one for the numbers of children in the whole school!! The Dvds are used as the children eat their lunch during holiday club.


Its all very confusing.


The Head gave me a blank look when I asked him about it so dont think the school have got one either.


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Guest tinkerbell

Ask the scool administrator (the person who does the books!) all schools need a licence to watch DVD's so they should have one and you would be covered if the school runs your afterschool club.


We belomg to Film Club a free government initiative and they will ppay your licence for you...its worth having a look because they send you free films to watch ,you just have a wish list and send back when you have viewed and they replace...the only thing you have to do is go on a training session.



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I have been told as far as I am watching DVD's for educational purpose that's fine.

Films are fitted in planning and topic.

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