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I'm feeling a bit uninspired about this. We usually have 2 hall sessions a week one for movement/small apparatus and one for large apparatus. Our children bring plimsols in summer so that we can go on the school's field. In the past we have done a lot of running and track based activities to practise for a traditional type sports' day. Any thoughts for alternative activities?


Incidentally the thread on hall PE is very interesting (we do group style), but I'm now wondering about that?! Free flow on our outdoor climbing frame doesn't cause problems.


Hoping for lots of suggestions. :)



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Last summer we did Loopy 'Lympics.


The "races" were all fun based, and it was taking part that was paramount.


We had welly throwing!

Horse Racing (big cardboard boxes , top & bottom removed, with shoulder straps. Paint to look like horses, add tail, make ears or jockey caps for the children. Children gallop across lawn)

Bob the Builder goes to work - wheelbarrows, flourescent vests, hard hats and tools laid out in lines, which Bob can get dressed and to work with all of their tools?

Egg and Spoons (ELC do sets of 4 plastic ones!)

Obstacle courses, tyres, tunnels, nets etc.


We did have lots of others too, but as the children loved these ones so much, the rest were forgotten. When I find the full list of ideas, I can post them.

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We do all sorts of stuff outside, depending on my mood, the children's abilities and interests, the weather, etc., etc,


We play games; e.g. one elephant went out to play, captain's coming (we've just painted a big pirate ship and islands on the playground), do parachute games, use a variety of small apparatus, sometimes more free play, somethimes more structured P.E. type lesson to teach specific skills. As it gets closer to our school sports day (where the children from reception to Year 6 all join in!) we practice some of the activities, e.g. dribbling a ball with a stick, mini obstacle courses, ball dribbling, etc. We adapt the activities so that they are achievable for our class. The whole sports day involves each class sticking together, split into 5 colour teams, and competing against each other colour team in the class. Each class rotates round at a given time signal and then the scores are totted up at the end, and there is a whole school colour winning team. To be honest, the kids in my class just enjoy doing the activities and visiting the drinks station - they aren't really bothered whih team wins!


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