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Hiya. I'm getting a new TA for my reception class and will be part of the interview process. It's my first interview, from the other side that is, and my head has asked me to think of any questions I want to ask but can't think of any. I have been given some that will be asked but can add to it.


Any good ideas for questions would be great.





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I would ask about their feelings re play based curriculum, outdoor play, the eyfs in general


How they work as part of a very close team


What they feel their responsibilities are regards the role of TA


I presume the head will choose someone suitably qualified, with relevant expereince to interview but be aware that in previous interviews I have felt some only apply for the school holidays and how it fits in with their child rather than it being about a passion for eyfs aged children!


I would also want to have had anyone being interviewed to look around the class and meet you the teacher. I couldnt imagine applying for a job when you havent been to the school or met the person you will need to work closely with!!!

Good luck

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Maybe a question as well about communication - how would they ensure that relevant information is passed between members of staff? Post-it-notes or a communications book?


How are they involved with planning in their current role? You could perhaps tell them your topic title and see if they can creatively think of any planning ideas for role-play area or art activities?


Confidentiality will definitely be a subject for discussion, although it will probably be the Head who asks about that - how they would deal with a parent asking them questions etc - as would safeguarding questions.


How would you deal with a particularly shy child? How about a disruptive child? etc

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