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Camping At Role Play?!


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Hi everyone


We are getting inspected next week, and I had been thinking of setting up a campsite in my role play area. I have two pop up tents, and I was thinking of buying a disposeable barbecue, playfood, tongs, and bringing the blocks over to encourage the children to build a 'campfire' which we could then build up with coal.


The problem is that I am struggling to think of anymore ideas (especially for the actual learning purpose of the activitiy). I did a search and got some ideas, but I was wondering if anybody has anymore ideas.





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Dear G

Have you got the Little Book of Prop Boxes?

It has a bird watching/camp/hide idea plus learning objectives/stepping stones

Mine's at School but I can let you know about it tomorrow if that's any help?


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Hi Goldilocks

Just thinking off the top of my head what about



camping kettle and mugs (little fold up stools)

little mini sandpit (tray from drawe) to create a mini beast world for plastic insects (moss/bits of bark/rocks) and magnifying glasses





inflateable dingy (why not!! :D )

clip boards and pens to record findings from their mini beast hunt or to draw some of the insects they may find

range of books (camping holday magazines) stories re holidays

nets/fishing rods/fishing rod game (numeracy)


sunhats/sunglasses/empty bottle of suncream/

can you put a canopy of some sort over the top? Garden netting is ideal for this and the children can hang all sorts from it. Even long trails of crepe green and brown crepe paper to create a woodland or jungle effect?

could you have playing one of those relaxing CD's the sort where you get birdsong?


If I think of anymore I'll drop back in :o

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Great photos Mimi-just wondered where you got the green netting from as i would like to do this. Is it plastic?

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It is camouflage netting, we had ours but I bought a piece for a friend over the internet, it comes in all sizes. Just Google it.


The covering for the windows is crepe paper. Take a whole fold, cut in from the folds on alternate sides an inch apart all the way down, leaving about an inch / 3cm uncut - hold the edge and unroll.

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